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Teen Wolf and the Split Self: An Explication

My article for Lost in the Funhouse, about the split self and Teen Wolf, is now live. Check it out!

Lost in the Funhouse

Phoenix Rises.

tyler-posey-teen-wolf-01-3118x2350.jpgI enjoy the show, Teen Wolf. Watching the show and becoming a fan was actually an accident, a strange mis-recollection of (past) memory. Basically what happened was, it was about the time that the show had premiered, and I was watching it, as I was suffering severely from mental illness. I remember having delusions about what this meant, but as time went on, I forgot about the show. But then years later, I was browsing the collection of my local library, and I stumbled upon the show, and I had to watch it because it held intrigue for me. What kinds of shows were playing when I was really sick?

I wasn’t too impressed with the first season, honestly, but the show was interesting enough for me to continue watching it. I’m really glad that I did. By the time that I got to season two…

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