The Unknown

Most of the time I’m not even sure why anything happens, or why I make the choices I make, seems that the more I try to quantify and explain things, the more that mystery takes over, and my dark mentalities remain unexplained. I don’t understand most people, confused at how they reach their conclusions so flawlessly, and as if they are truly infallible. Perhaps they are, though I am skeptical. But I realize, I get it, deeper and deeper and how the days pass, and how I live my life: the world is harsh, but so beautiful because nothing stays the same, change is our constant. Things always change, and it won’t always make sense, but it comes down to the suffering and the creativity we are capable of and experience: this is why we are here, to fashion a life for ourselves, and to create. Trying to narrate that internal and external chaos gets so very complicated, but I’ve learned that we have to do our best at life, and give it everything we’ve got. I can’t and won’t understand it, but the understanding begins there. I have no anger for that which eludes me. It is better to remember that human motivation is often as mysterious as the ocean or the universe, but that is okay, perhaps even beautiful. It’s existence in its raw form: you don’t need to know everything.

from Expression of a Universe by Phoenix (notes)


Philosophy as Myth

Philosophy as myth: In that both reveal eternal truths, due to abstract principles and unchanging stories. Myth is philosophy.

from Expression of a Universe by Phoenix (notes)

The Value of Ideas

The problem would be to assume that my ideas would require dissemination. The ideas exist. And that is where the joy is. I look at culture and I look at how culture organizes itself. There is often an interplay between dominant ideas and subversive ideas, both of which massively effect society, but there is often no moderate mode of discourse. The goal for me as an artist would be to understand the telos of my ideas, and my actual ideology. What niche would benefit the most from my work? It should always be collaborative, when thinking about writing: That is, writing that cares about how it will impact others, even if it remains obscure or culturally irrelevant. With the emphasis on free speech as a sovereign right it’s easy to forget that words have power. But that’s the beauty of it, though the goal isn’t dissemination or influence, but rather, change. And change will always be slow, but that never diminishes the art of the words chosen or the stories told.

Anguish [ by Phoenix

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Silent Motorist Media

We’re happy to welcome Phoenix back for another SMM appearance! Those of you who have followed us for a while might recognize Phoenix from our interview with him,his interview with me, and his essay on anarchy. If none of these sound familiar to you, feel encouraged to check out the links above. Today’s poem, “Anguish [,” is from an unpublished collection, I. Follow Phoenix’s Amazon page to stay updated on the collection’s release, and, while you’re there, don’t neglect to check out Phoenix’s impressive catalogue of available books.

-Justin A. Burnett

Anguish [

By Phoenix

it has to be with/
the crazy style
feel some(thing) (ir)relevant
or anguish
I am angular

not quite felt sharp angled
parted too hard and spent (out)
high from pure pennies
American wealth
pennies and momentum

I don’t actually say though
I say it’s something dealt like Jack cards
felt by nothing death…

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Thomas Hobbes

I’ve been thinking about the political philosophy of Thomas Hobbes. Is his system a way of allowing the concentration of power in government, as Allan Bloom has said? Perhaps, though I am skeptical, to think that it’s better to do things for fear of punishment and for acquisitions of rewards, rather than a perhaps Kantian view of morality, conscience, categorical imperative, and reason. I wonder if all this political theory leads to a sound conclusion as involves the social contract. I was told once that the social contract doesn’t exist, but I have yet to see this in so far as we do surrender to the sovereign. So much complexity, to end my thought, I think of the question of civilization: is civilization inherently good for society, or is it corrupted? Hobbes’ book Human Nature is difficult to read …