Angela (from Characters)

Hey there! I’m going to share a poem from my poetry collection, Characters. If you like what you read, you can find the book and more information here:

I hope you enjoy the poem!


She was pale, like ivory.
The only aspect that wasn’t
opaque about her was

the depth of her intentions.
But no one seemed to care
that this was her reality.

She glided as she walked,
hauntingly beautiful, quiet,
but her greatness was disruptive.

So they took a piece of her skin,
used it as a charm. But
being so pure, it disintegrated─
they couldn’t handle it.

The thief got some of his friends.
They cornered her, raped her

grandeur. Tattered her face.
But there were no scars. She
recovered. They found her and
tried taking more pieces, but
she kept regenerating.

She was getting lighter by the
minute, as they kept chipping away.
But it never stuck; she was stronger
than them, this ghost that wouldn’t die,

a prevailing spirit who haunted love.


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