Death’s Mirror–an excerpt

Exeunt Reason Books


Death’s mere, or death’s mirror? That’s death’s mirror.

Death looking at himself in the mirror and seeing someone full of life … that’s death’s mirror. You see something that seems true but in reality isn’t, the deception, the sharp blade of deceit, that’s death’s mirror, and it cuts like a knife blade reflecting death, or Death himself, deflecting and reflecting and encouraging and discouraging ideas of murder. Things simultaneously true and untrue. Symmetry. Paradox. Illusion. Deception. Shards masquerading as guilty knife blades, shards masquerading as full mirrors reflecting perfection, reflecting poison.

Death’s mirror, or death’s mere? Death’s mere, or death’s mirror?

Dustin was walking along the sidewalk, thinking of nothing in particular, except for a random surge of anger, that came from nowhere. Angry about what? There was nothing to be angry about, no reason to hurt anyone around him, no reason to hurt himself, not that…

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