A Scene with Death from The Street Kid

Hello! I thought I would excerpt another bit from my newly published book, The Street Kid, a scene where Phoenix interacts with Death. If you like what you read, you can find the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Street-Kid-Phoenix/dp/1508524300/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1448658361&sr=1-1&keywords=the+street+kid


(there’s always hope you just have to have faith in it


or else there’s just no point in living that’s what needs to happen in nature as well)

Phoenix felt The Snake Angel guiding him, could feel that he was going to help one of the biggest problems in the natural world. He walked toward another building, and stepped inside, and found himself moving toward the gift section of this movie theater they were in. He went to the toy part of the gift store, and he saw that many tiny, plastic animals were looking at him: dogs, horses, zebras, lions, monkeys, tigers, koalas, deer … the list went on. The thing was, these animals were real, Phoenix understood, they had just been turned into plastic animals. But they were alive, so alive that Phoenix could feel the heartbeat of these innocent creatures.

(you have to help one of the biggest problems with nature)

Yes. The predator system. Phoenix picked up a small lion cub, which was crazily close to a mother lion. Even though the mother lion didn’t move, Phoenix felt that the lion was not happy with Phoenix grabbing her young, but relented some of that anxiety and mistrust when The Snake Angel said something, without even saying anything.

Phoenix held the lion cub in one hand, and he then grabbed a young zebra. Phoenix carried both of the animals toward a bench, and then sat the animals down, one on each side.

Phoenix felt that the lion cub was very hungry for zebra meat, but he was doing his best to keep away from that temptation, because he hated that he was eating another innocent creature, a creature that didn’t deserve the violence of attack. Phoenix then looked at the zebra, and felt that the zebra only wanted grass, and wanted to be left alone, please, couldn’t the zebra just be left alone to graze in peace?

Phoenix let the animals stay apart from each other, and then he grabbed the lion cub and began to pet him, keeping him very close to the warmth of Phoenix’s body. The more Phoenix heard of the lion cub, the sadder he got, the lion cub never wanted to eat any meat he would be fine eating grass and drinking water but his mother insisted that he be part of the pack, that he wouldn’t be part of anything if he didn’t stick with what he was supposed to stick with, which was eating meat, and Phoenix understood that the lion cub had tried to stand up for himself in the past, but his father had gotten very angry with him, and Phoenix continued to hold the lion cub, who had such a good heart but was trapped in a system that he didn’t deserve.

When Phoenix heard everything he needed to, he put the lion cub down and picked up the zebra. The zebra felt bloated from all the grass, and sometimes wished that he had more substance, but he didn’t know what that was (candy?). Phoenix pet the zebra on the belly, and felt as the belly slowly tightened, becoming stronger. The zebra told Phoenix that he wanted to be around this lion cub, but that he was afraid for his life, because there was no telling if the lion cub ever got hungry, if he wouldn’t eat the zebra.

Phoenix thought of Blitz: horses just weren’t meant to be eaten. Even zebras.

Phoenix set down the zebra by his side, and that was when a lady, with a snippy and shrill voice, screeched-cried, “You have to pay for those!”

Phoenix stood up, and said, “I’m not going to take them.”

“You have to pay for them,” the woman said, sounding so much like a squawking parrot.
Phoenix decided that he needed to leave (people like this hate poor street kids), but before he left, he looked at the lion cub and zebra, and saw they looked happier, and saw that they had moved closer together. It was going to be a process, but Phoenix had helped something good along, and he hoped that it would make waves in the wild world.

But Phoenix was still far from done, he could feel The Snake Angel planning more things to do. Phoenix continued to explore the mall, and it wasn’t long before he passed a hunting store. He went inside, felt The Snake Angel making messages left and right, and he saw a stag head hung against the wall. Of course it was only plastic, but this stag had an entire history, of once being in the wilderness and once being free, and Phoenix, still looking at the stag head, went toward a rack of sunglasses, grabbed his favorite pair (sleek black with a shine in the lenses), and put them on, said to the stag head, “Should we leave here in style?”

Phoenix felt a longing yes from the stag head, and knew that this stag hated where he was more than anything, but had to stay here because humanity had imprisoned him, but he was sick of hearing about so many innocent stag getting hunted and killed in brutal ways, it was just so wrong, so unfair, and Phoenix said, “I guess that’s a yes.”

So Phoenix, still wearing the sunglasses, walked out of the store, knowing that soon this stag would stand up for himself, and get out of here, go back in the wilderness where he belonged.

(you need protection) The Snake Angel knew that things were soon going to get very hectic, what with all the stunts Phoenix was pulling, so The Snake Angel said, “I think it’s time we summon Death.”

Phoenix saw that he was only moments away from an elevator. He stepped inside, and something about it seemed familiar, and that was when he realized that it was familiar because The Bad Guy had had many fantasies of Phoenix murdered in an elevator, and Phoenix suddenly saw all the possible death scenes that The Bad Guy wanted for Phoenix, ranging from getting stabbed with knives coming from nowhere to a random noose squeezing the life out of his throat, and Phoenix was now grabbing his throat, imagining being strangled, and then Phoenix grabbed his stomach, where he had been stabbed, and then he grabbed his heart, where he’d also been stabbed, and Phoenix kept grabbing parts that had been shot or stabbed or strangled or even dismembered, and Phoenix heard The Snake Angel talking through him all this time, “Do you think that this was what Phoenix wanted? It is his right to be whole and you better respect Phoenix, respect that wish about him. You don’t decide what happens to him …” And The Snake Angel continued to talk, refusing to stop, and it wasn’t long before Phoenix realized that the elevator hadn’t moved, and that The Bad Guy was getting tempted to cut the pulley the elevator was on.

Now Death was transitioning into everything Phoenix saw that the first level button was alight but was being stubborn but then at last the elevator moved down but Phoenix wasn’t done he continued to do the mock gestures of what The Bad Guy wanted for Phoenix and he pressed the second level button and went back up to the second level and he realized The Snake Angel was testing The Bad Guy go ahead and cut the pulley go ahead and let the elevator fall and Phoenix went back down and noticed that the elevator was getting extremely hot and he was grateful when he got to leave and he felt a shadow over him and Phoenix went toward the escalator with The Snake Angel still screaming in the mall and Phoenix continued to do the mock gestures and when he was near the top on the escalator he realized that it was because he was making The Bad Guy so mad only moments away from falling off the escalator rolling down one step by step and hitting his head cracking it open but a force prevented that from happening and Phoenix saw that a man dressed in black and bald was kneeling down next to Phoenix on the step below being strong and making sure that Phoenix made it that he survived Death himself was definitely needed now that The Bad Guy was so pissed and was going to stop at nothing to kill Phoenix Death who had seen everything that The Bad Guy had ever done had seen all the horrible murders and crimes that had taken place in his life Death who was going to make sure that Phoenix stayed safe and it made Phoenix happy that he wasn’t alone in this and he was almost at the top and he skipped one step dangerous as he could have tripped but The Snake Angel spat cheat it at Death and it was cheated Phoenix didn’t fall on the step at all and Phoenix had never felt so intrigued by this strange event it wasn’t a hallucination he had really just seen Death himself and things were soon going to get very crazy and violent but Death was ready Phoenix felt it that freaking reverence toward Phoenix Death showed so much Phoenix knew Death would stop at nothing to make sure that he kept Phoenix safe Death who had seen the Murderers stab Phoenix multiple times Death who knew that Phoenix thought about suicidal pain more than anything understood it was unfortunately an integral part to Phoenix Death who knew how much Phoenix had suffered and loved him for making death in himself Death who had held Phoenix’s hand all the time he suffered but kept him safe as well and Phoenix continued to walk realizing that his hood was up and he thought of Maxwell and knew that The Bad Guy would try to target that innocent Maxwell but Death was already a million steps ahead of it and for a moment Phoenix saw The Bad Guy but then saw a black shadow get in front of him and he disappeared and then Phoenix saw The Bad Guy again and this time he was holding a knife that was hooked like a scythe but Death got in the way of that as a black cloud and The Bad Guy disappeared and Phoenix suddenly felt afraid even though he had Death to help him and The Snake Angel continued to shout and that was when Phoenix passed a bookshop and he saw in the window a book called When the Sun Stood Still and Phoenix knew it had just been written and displayed for Phoenix to see because Phoenix had stood still because he was doing so many things that were going to forever shatter the way things were done standing up for nature preventing The Gate from shutting stopping The Bad Guy from murdering the world which he wanted summoning Death even because the world needed to know that Death helped them so much helped so many innocent people or at least was there to provide some hope even if only in spirit even if the people never saw Death and Phoenix thought about his pathetic state of being and wished that he was a cooler kid wished that he was someone people appreciated but no one did except for friends he couldn’t even talk to perhaps he had Death but he couldn’t talk to Death because he was working and it made Phoenix laugh how pathetic he was in that thinking he had friends it wasn’t that he didn’t have friends it was just that they were all so caught up in their stuff that they couldn’t talk to him but that was fine because there were worse things and Phoenix knew that things were going to change and there would be nothing he could do about those changes as he realized that not only was he holding his mp3 player which was synonymous no wasn’t even synonymous was his black charred dead heart and it sucked but that was the way it needed to be his heart was ruined there was no hope within that black death but anyway Phoenix also realized he was holding the book he saw in the window which was When the Sun Stood Still and Phoenix understood that he was definitely being his sun(ny) self right now because he was glowing glowing like a trillion stars infinitely brighter than any kind of Hell or Heaven and it was amazing and people were staring at him and they knew that things were going to happen soon and Phoenix loved kids and he wanted to talk to kids but he felt The Snake Angel screaming through him right now screaming so many things why the hell do none of you talk work with Phoenix why do you all see him as a useless son of a bitch with no purpose the yelling and screaming the shouting so loud seemingly never going to stop everyone seeing Phoenix glowing even brighter God save the people of the world not that God existed but He needed to save the people he needed to bless them because everyone was going to eventually burn in a horrible blinding light that was forever going to destroy that was forever going to change the way things happened why do all of you just ignore this kid there is a reason why he craves love it’s supposed to be a safety valve but all of you spit on it all of you ignore except for innocent kids who understand him but they are always hidden by their ill-conceived overly protective parents why does no one trust Phoenix why does everyone expect him to fend for himself when he serves all of you so much and you could care less about that all the miracles he sheds on a daily basis like my snake skin all the tears he cries at your expense he’s a symbol for a reason why don’t you let him fly and The Snake Angel continued to scream forever and forever forever forever forever and he wouldn’t stop forever he refused to stop and Phoenix felt that he was going to have his voice box torn out in a moment by the angry parents that believed Phoenix was yelling at their kids when he wasn’t yelling at them at all he was yelling because he was sick of the way things were going but that was of course the catch was that Phoenix wasn’t yelling it was The Snake Angel but they wanted to blame Phoenix why do all of you act so fucking stupid when there’s so much you can do because you only care about promoting hatred and spreading the world apart in despair to be like shattered pieces I thought so I fucking thought so all of you could care less about any of these good things that happen because of The Street Kid’s sacrifice all of you live in your comfortable houses and why do you let Phoenix roam the streets because you want to kill him I thought I thought so you could care less about any of these beautiful gifts he’s given you thankfully he doesn’t mind living on the streets just another street kid but that’s the way it needs to be I guess but why do you hate him because it’s better to watch Phoenix the gift bearer the one who only wants to help suffer like stabbing the heart right in the core like stabbing the center of the Universe he is an important Sun don’t you get it don’t you understand how important he is but of course not you just treat him this way because you see no other point and because you hate how he helps you I thought so I thought so you couldn’t just say that from the get-go it would have been easier if you’d just told him this from the beginning you cowards if you just let him know right off the bat the good thing is he wants to die you fuckers he wants to kill himself but he values life and as he sees unfortunately his own in a twisted way he’s already so fucked up you cowards he already feels so hopeless helpless why don’t one of you come and kill him why don’t you talk your kids into killing him I thought so I thought all of you can’t even wrap the noose around his neck in person you’re too cowardly you have to rely on more discreet methods I thought so more cowardly ways to torture someone who carries your weight someone you spit on again and again because you think it’s fun someone you stab and why I thought so I thought why do you act I thought so why do I fucking thought so you cowards I spit on all of you I am Phoenix’s disconnected rage and you’re going to hear every word until it murders you and the kids are just fine Phoenix don’t worry you’re yelling loud but they hear the secret message they understand and Phoenix realized that police officers were now trying to arrest him by being surprisingly gentle but Phoenix knew soon they were going to burst out of their cage and torture him he felt it felt their ill will but Phoenix just asked The Snake Angel for help hoping that he could help Phoenix hoping someone would because Phoenix had gone too far if only someone could help Phoenix if only they could protect him from all of these endless evils that pile and pile upon each other but no one was there and so Phoenix realizing that he was now inside a clothing store stepped out and then told the officer that he wasn’t trying to resist arrest but that he was scared why didn’t the police officer see that Phoenix was crying now internally he was bleeding as well and it wouldn’t stop it couldn’t stop because he hurt so bad and it wouldn’t stop it would never stop Phoenix just wanted love why was that so hard to see in things and suddenly the officer grabbed Phoenix by the hands and shoved him onto the ground and began to beat his fragile face against the awful concrete and Phoenix felt blood trickling down and the officer was also cussing at Phoenix and telling him that he was a loser that he didn’t deserve harassment excessive force excessive FORCE you’ll never get anywhere Phoenix you dumb shit let your demons come and taunt you your Snake Angel rage will ultimately collapse on you he can’t protect you just die already you bastard the mp3 player getting smashed to bits but somehow keeping itself together dear God the officer was trying to destroy Phoenix’s heart but it made sense at least they weren’t having a heart attack while standing up for what they believed in that Phoenix deserved to suffer severely and Phoenix felt Death casting a dark shadow over him because this could very well end in Death the officer could very well shoot Phoenix twice or three times or four times in the head and continue shooting SHOOTING like YELLING and the officer wouldn’t stop screaming cussing and Phoenix realized that he was going to die soon enough because the officer could shoot him and get away with it and there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that because he was an officer of the law and the thing was it would actually kill Phoenix because the kid with wings just didn’t have any more strength he just couldn’t fly not when they were broken and Phoenix understood that he was like so many other suns in this world living barefoot or in socks on the cold jagged rugged rock-strewn street that was going to be that way forever always starving and Phoenix loved the other suns which wasn’t always homeless people like so many suns he’d never seen before but also his friends like Maxwell and The Wolf Kid and The Lion Cub so many of his friends they were all suns and they were with him right now even though it didn’t seem that way and it gave Phoenix hope because he realized that he was happy even though he was so sad happy because he wasn’t completely alone they were all giving him warmth he felt them and so were kids kids who understood where Phoenix was coming from and weren’t afraid anymore and Phoenix felt like these kids and the officer realized that he couldn’t shoot Phoenix because it would create too much of a spectacle people might actually murder the officer even if he got away with the crime especially if he got in the way so the officer only handcuffed Phoenix extremely tightly to the point to where Phoenix thought that his wrists were going to cave in but they thankfully didn’t and Phoenix now felt incredibly alone he only imagined the warmth he only imagined all of that but he still had to believe he wanted to believe what was going on the pain why was the pain still there the warmth the pain and the officer slammed open the door to the cop car that had literally come out of nowhere and Phoenix now wished more than anything that the world would change that Phoenix’s situation could change that he could just influence and shine his light the way that he was meant to but couldn’t because he had people like Death protecting Death who represented all that was wrong with the world human nature and chance and fate Death who fought to protect people who couldn’t protect themselves and it was funny Phoenix was thinking of change because the cop shoved Phoenix’s face into change on the cop car seat and Phoenix saw pennies and nickels and dimes and that was when he shook his head both adamantly and ever so confused because what were they talking about how did they always know what Phoenix wanted what he felt within how did they always know all of these goddamn coincidences mind boggling and Phoenix then watched as he saw every one of his favorite books floating beside him outside the cop car such as The Road and Phoenix knew that the road he really needed was the one that he needed to walk himself that people wouldn’t let him walk sure he was a street kid now a jailed street kid but he was a kid who was meant to walk a specific road and they wouldn’t let him and Phoenix saw other books like The Once and Future King and Catcher in the Rye and Timeskipper and Phoenix was glad to see them there reminding Phoenix of what he stood for reminding him of his true values and Phoenix said that he needed The Black Queen because he still felt extremely confused that things were going to change for the worse here and so he said I need The Black Queen and he remembered that she could turn into electronic devices like a black cellular phone and as soon as he said this he saw the computer in the cop car light up as soon as he said I need The Black Queen and he hoped that she could work her magic and keep him safe and the door opened and the cop said okay we’ll let you go if you promise to never come back and he also said subtextually subliminally you’ve already fucked up so much of what we had planned with this mall so much that we had planned for your demise your own White Death and now you’ve ruined it so if you promise to never come back we’ll let you go and even though Phoenix knew this was a lie a huge lie he could also see some truth in it now he would go everywhere he would go to California he would finally go to Phoenix Arizona he would go to New York he would go to Michigan he would go to so many other states but he would also travel places like Canada and hopefully overseas and go to places as cool as France perhaps meet Gavroche there in his true style go to places like Italy and Spain and so many other other cool places and Phoenix realized that this was true on one level but on an unattainable level because soon things were going to be very bad as a new cop got in the car and Phoenix realized it was The Lion Cub Phoenix hadn’t noticed but The Lion Cub was this whole time keeping the other police officer in check with his mind games just with his mind he made sure that Phoenix stayed safe made sure that the would-be killer that was a cop didn’t do too much damage to Phoenix keeping out so many of his bad thoughts and Phoenix felt a connection with him as Phoenix asked where is my mp3 player and The Lion Cub said proudly but without turning and ever so friendly with his manner it’s in your pocket and Phoenix knew that his heart was still safe and it gave him hope it made him believe that it wasn’t over even though he was going to go to jail and if they wanted they could keep him there forever and if they wanted they could torture him there forever but Phoenix was going to keep himself in line because it was the better thing to do and Phoenix saw the book When the Sun Stood Still sitting beside him and he wasn’t sure how it had gotten beside him but he didn’t care he also noticed the change was gone which made sense nothing was really going to change The Lion Cub was only making sure Phoenix stayed alive nothing else but Phoenix still lay his head against the back glad The Black Queen and The Lion Cub were together again it was a good thing (I’m so tired I just need a break I just need a place to


rest my head)


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