Neuron (from Wordless)

I feel I felt
the hook
but it was only

didn’t and or couldn’t
and maybe just a little
is not

the neuron is emergent emergence see
fenced in mind I mind hook in mind
where does the neuron even come


the neuron is soft sweet sensitive
electrical chemical

my words are not mine
they belong to my neuron
a little bleeding neuron
flash by

the neon sign cut to the quick
truth as signs
it’s hard to stay insane or sane
never merely

the electrical copy
a signal for the brain elite
I admit I didn’t don’t know
but I am not and
or I let go of the neuron
push forward neuronal (networked)
even if only

alien neuron
rewire or fire
dualistic materialism
the same as rationalism

my neuron stays intact

to remind me of
the bird in flight that is my mind
free and flight

I try
I cry
I am
death the awfully big adventure

so I





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