The Beginning of Part Four of The Street Kid

Hello. I’m going to excerpt part four of my novel The Street Kid, from the part The Road, Always Darkening. If you like what you read, you can find the book here:

I also recorded a video of me reading from this part of the book, which you can find on my YouTube channel here:



(why do things change so fast) (the world is against you they hate you why didn’t you understand this basic concept when you were born when you were) (Death before Birth) (the Mountain of Pain) (I reached) (different stages in your overall pattern of life born burned more than once rise up again for the fourth time rise up again and) (cycles)

The Snake Angel had indeed remained quiet for the time that he said he would, for that year, with Phoenix now twenty and feeling better about the world in many ways, but only because he knew that things were going to change with The Snake Angel in mind (everything is apathy everything is murder why can’t I just). Occasionally, Phoenix had felt free, feeling as though he wasn’t wearing any clothes, and there had been other times when The Snake Angel made his presence known, but for the most part, it was as though he didn’t even exist, because …

(because he has to get to know you better)

But now it was time for those things to change (the world only cares about apathy they only care about being an irritation) Except Phoenix wasn’t sure he believed that. He believed the problem was with himself (except that’s not true either maybe it’s me but it’s also the world can’t they sense the evil that stalks everything can’t they feel all of the sin that makes itself known The Snake Angel isn’t the Devil trying to help it all but he does have dreams that he wishes he could reach and the world is in the way it should be different it should)

Phoenix felt The Snake Angel riling within him, getting ready to strike. It was time.

(things are changing Phoenix are you ready for it all are you ready to) Phoenix wasn’t sure if he was ready for anything, really, only sure that he wanted to see honesty, see the world for what it really was. A stinking sack of uselessness. That was what it was, and The Snake Angel was going to fix all of that (it’s only perception) (ha I wish that was true).

“You have to believe that you can heal the damage and corruption that has been done to the innocent,” The Snake Angel said through Phoenix. “You have to believe. If you don’t believe you can change anything, you’re of course wasting your time. So come on, Phoenix: are you going to stand up to oppression, are you going to let The Bad Guy and Blue and the Murderers know that it is over for them, that they aren’t going to play this game anymore?” (all of these mind games yes you are right they are sickening I can’t stand them anymore it’s time that we break into the bad stuff it’s time that we)

Phoenix believed in his friends, and he felt that all of them were with him now, in his head. He knew they were going to protect him from anything that happened, as he opened the door to a coffee shop that was famous in this part of the city, people always stepping inside for a drink or two, always stepping inside to get the famous cup of Joe, and Phoenix (I’m not selfish this isn’t all about me you idiots this is about us if any of you actually cared about that possibility but no because you stick with your selfish little lives you) was going to upstage this place, which had been taking part in plenty of illegal activity, such as ripping off the people they were buying the coffee from, and doing it, and getting away with it, and sometimes the employees would poison people just to see what would happen, usually nothing deadly (never anything deadly thankfully), but stuff that would get people sick, and no one ever suspected it was the lie coffee shop in the city, the one that people thought was perfect, never did anything wrong, but that was the whole point of Phoenix if he thought about it, to make things known, things that would make people uncomfortable, but Phoenix didn’t care, because it was his job, and he was good at it, and The Snake Angel was going to help him, the figure who only wanted to live in a good place, with clean smells, clean everything, a place that didn’t focus so much on corruption, that focused on things that were healthy and good and clean.

(you can do this man) Phoenix stepped inside, saw that the coffee shop was adjoined to a book shop, which had also taken part in crimes, most of them of a malicious/selfish nature, and Phoenix needed to stop it, damn it, he needed to stop it because it was driving him insane, he couldn’t stand it because it was so wrong, obvious that the place dripped with corruption (I need to fix it it is in my nature come on don’t you understand)

(but why do you believe it’s your place to fix anything who ever gave you that right you stupid jackass who ever cares about what you have in mind for humanity)

“Those are exactly the thoughts they want you to believe. If you believe them, you will never be able to help anything,” The Snake Angel said through Phoenix. “If you give them credence, they will tear you apart.”

“But how do you know I can actually fix anything?” Phoenix said, amazed at the hostility of The Snake Angel (who was only doing his job, but … well, some of it was a little extreme).

“I believe you can fix things because I’ve looked into your heart. I’ve seen how much you hope that society can change things for the better, how much you wish that people could live better lives than they do now, how much you want humanity to feel good. The thing is, sometimes to get that done, you have to do controversial things. To right wrongs, you have to do wrong things. I know it’s counterintuitive and unexpected for me to say that, but that’s the way the world is: people notice the anarchists, the ones that are burning things up. They notice the snake venom when they get a snakebite, but not a gentle kid who politely asks for them to change their ways, like you, Phoenix. There is nothing wrong with the way you handle things, but unfortunately we don’t live in a world where that can make a true difference.”

And Phoenix already heard The Snake Angel’s counter argument (ultimately nothing is better than a kind heart and mind and soul never let anyone tell you different Phoenix never).

Phoenix, who could see the duality working like crazy in The Snake Angel’s mind (work gently work aggressively, like a snake), went to the counter where he could order coffee and said, “Can I … can I get …”

The person looked at him as though he was crazy (I’m just trying to be polite that’s all), as though he wasn’t sure what he was doing, and so Phoenix added some attitude: “I’d like a double latte—come on, chop chop.”

“Whatever,” the guy said, and went to make the coffee.

(you’re really going to piss a lot of people off, man) (I know but this is the way it needs to be you can disagree with my methods all you want but you’ve just got to trust me) (you’re too … unconventional) (so are you, Phoenix, surely you knew that by now)

Phoenix looked at the chocolate bars on the counter (go ahead take one). Phoenix grabbed one of the chocolate bars (ultra-sweet I’d say that’s kind of) (it’s sin live with it Phoenix). The guy came back and said, “Are you buying the candy bar, freak?”

(what do I do they’re already acting different) (just keep calm and let me talk)

“His name is Phoenix, not freak,” The Snake Angel said, with some sibilance. “Respect him.”

“Whatever,” the guy said. “It’ll be seven fifty.”

(see how much they charge man they rip us off a lot who can really pay for this stuff except for rich people)

(close your hands Phoenix close your hands)

Phoenix did exactly what The Snake Angel said, and when he did, he felt something inside of it. He looked, and saw he now held a ten-dollar bill.

(give him the rest of the money but tell him something unique something he’ll remember)

Phoenix handed the bill to the guy, and then ruffled his hair, his stomach growling like a starving dog (or Wolf Kid), and as the guy put the coffee on the counter, Phoenix said, “Keep the change … but can you donate it to charity … or, the people you ripped off over the years?”

The guy’s eyes widened for a moment, but then he quickly turned his back and went back to business.

(people hate arrogance, man, sure you’re aware of that) (I am but what’s crazy is people also flock around the fires of arrogance, so, it’s a double-edged sword when it comes to it)

(I’m really drawing suspicions I hope you have this planned)

Phoenix went to a table, seeing that people were staring at him, looking up from their newspapers and books, examining him like he was a newfound specimen, or something or other, as though he was on fire, as though (I’m rising from the ashes) he was doing something maybe a tad too conspicuous.

(I don’t think it’s all about me you dumb shits I care about this world you guys just give me so little to work with)

Phoenix took a sip of the coffee, and suddenly a flurry of thoughts from The Snake Angel flurried through him (see those guys sitting over there yeah they are the owners of this joint they’ve done who knows how many crimes have overseen so much damage and they keep doing it sometimes Phoenix you have to in order to right a wrong do what’s wrong I know you don’t want to hear that but it’s the way it is you need to believe that man you have to desecrate this place even though it’s considered holy what we’re doing in a strange way is exorcising the evil that has crept up in this place sort of what you’ve tried to do in the past but failed at just believe that you’re doing the right thing believe it man believe that you’re exorcising the evil that has come here and don’t give up on that thought it’s the only way we can do this come on Phoenix think of good things think of things that are going to bring sunshine back into this life I know it’s hard I know it’s frustrating but come on focus on something positive think about how).

Phoenix absorbed all of these thoughts, and more. He could feel the evil trying to rise up, could see that the face of the two people (a man and a woman, maybe husband and wife) were scrunching up in anxiety, as though (as though they are losing it as though they sense their rights are being wronged even though it should be the reverse of that I see what The Snake Angel means this world is so empty we could be in such better circumstances but instead insist on capitalism and greed to sell everything insist that materialism is the only way to happiness it’s sickening no wonder The Snake Angel hates humanity) they were unaware of what to do with the things that were changing.

He heard them talking to each other. (we have to do what’s right we’re under pressure) (I don’t buy it they want to step up the game some kid and his psychopathic snake) (yes but it’s the right thing to do we’ve done enough damage) (I don’t buy that there’s nothing wrong with padding our bottom line who does he think he is to tell us how to live he doesn’t have that privilege he doesn’t have) (we need to)

He saw the man scowling in his coffee a few seconds later, and Phoenix could not stop wondering where this was going to go. Could this place be saved? It was interesting, that The Snake Angel represented snakes, something usually associated with evil, or the Devil, and yet … (and yet he believes in good he believes in something much more simple a garden or something or something peaceful like a river or just water just something pure it’s so) (beautiful)

“Keep fighting, Phoenix: believe in something outside of yourself. Believe you can exorcise the evil out of this place.”

Phoenix flicked out his tongue and watched as the man gave a brief look at Phoenix, a frown but with a trace of liberation, and then stood up, along with the woman (his wife?).

Phoenix had eaten only half of his candy bar and taken only a few sips of coffee during this time, but when he took another drink of the coffee, it was no longer the ultra-sweetness that it had been before; it tasted unbelievably bitter, unbelievably (corrupt) gross and sickening.

(it’s because they are working out the corruption the kinks they are confessing their sins the evil in the coffee has been exorcised good job man you did it you)

“In order to right a wrong,” The Snake Angel said, when the woman was going to look at Phoenix, and she didn’t turn toward him when this was said, only continued on her way.

(we did it man)

(yes we did)

(hopefully we have a while before things try to corrupt again at least with this place)

Phoenix then stood up, and he realized that he was now wearing a sweatshirt. As he walked out of the building, with things much colder now, he put up his hood, feeling like he was, in many ways, The Snake Angel.

(what tastes nasty tells the truth what)

Phoenix flicked out his tongue, making a strange disgusted sound, like (I can’t believe I just drank that gross coffee) he had just tasted sin (things are changing they are never going to be the same way again they are). But Phoenix was happy about this as well, because it meant that there was hope, which hadn’t wanted to make itself known for the longest time, being covered by endless corruption and grime and evil, and it was time for it to end, it was time for The Snake Angel to speak his mind and exorcise all of these things, it was time


(to switch places it’s time to know where)


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