Mim C. from Characters

I’d like to share a poem from my poetry collection Characters. If you like what you read and hear, you can find more information on my author page: http://amazon.com/author/phoenix_rises

You can find a reading of the poem on my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7JuOt3n4hU

Enjoy the poem.



They gave the kid a powerful hallucinogen,
slipped it into his drink at the party,

took him to a creepy movie. Inside the
film were visible micro bugs with teeth
and fangs over those teeth, multiple eyes
on each body. He saw the colors
jump out.

The guy was a mim, see?
He couldn’t get out of this, as apparently
being shy to psychedelic torture was cool,

The prank went beyond wrong when he almost
jumped into the screen. They had to tackle him to
the floor and restraints didn’t take long to appear.

Later they called him Mim
Coward. Locked him up and diagnosed him with
schizophrenia. With the disease he was no coward.

But they didn’t care,
neither the doctors nor the tricksters.
Didn’t care that the kid
with the lost look in his eyes
only wanted a hand that didn’t
have a syringe, a hand that
could pull him out of this eternal delusion,
that didn’t shudder at the icy skin.

The ruined spirit meant nothing,
the rapid decay of what had once
been a life, worsening each day.

Let’s all hate the mim for no reason.


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