The Importance of Social Health

Social health allows the mind to thrive …

Social Health

“Mental health cannot be defined in terms of the ‘adjustment’ of the individual to his society, but, on the contrary… must be defined in terms of the adjustment of society to the needs of man” —Erich Fromm

The conversation around mental health has often centered on stigma. As mentioned in my previous post, this is a good thing because it encourages an accepting environment for individuals who are suffering.

In this post, I want to emphasize that beyond interpersonal stigma, our social environments have a tremendous power over our mental health. A poor social environment can trigger mental health issues, while a strong social environment can promote mental flourishing. Instead of just treating individuals, we need to diagnose and treat the health of our societies and the organizations that compose them.

Societies are like living organisms, institutions and organizations are the organs, and individuals are the cells that compose the organs…

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