Mitchell Heisman, Struggle, and the Humanitarian Dream of Compassion by Phoenix

An intense outreach …

Legacy Initiative: Not all heroes wear a cape

This past week, has been, struggle. For me, personally, dealing with mental health and the fears that naturally brings. For our nation, who is tearing apart at the seams politically, working hard to stay stable amidst shootings of African American men, among other concerns. For our community, which seems sometimes to be bombarded with apathy and misunderstanding, xenophobia and fear, hatred and negativity.

On July 9, 2016, I led a squad on our Feed the Streets Outreach for The Legacy Initiative.

It started off well enough. I found out that one of my homeless friends, who came to visit Legacy today on our outreach, has currently lost hope in himself and in the world: He described an experience where a man threw change at him, and when my friend reached to grab it, the man spit on him multiple times. This was before we’d even started the race, so to…

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