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Legacy Initiative: Not all heroes wear a cape

Yesterday, April 2, 2016, I participated in another great homeless outreach with The Legacy Initiative, an amazing non-profit organization that has forever changed my life.

But, is it really that simple?

Yes, actually, it is that simple, but let me tell you the story to contextualize this.

Last month’s outreach was a catastrophe: I mean, a complete and utter disaster. I wrote a piece about it, called The Kosmos, which incorporated a lot of philosophy, more philosophy than usual, as a way of distancing myself from the painful memories attached to that outreach. Suffice to say, it went terrible: The volunteers were condescending to me, they undermined Legacy and our values (which stung for many reasons), they were disrespectful to the people we served, and I was left to fend for myself, and I did not succeed.

So, I have to admit that I went/walked to the kitchen (where we…

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