Timed Immemorial from Pocket Words

I wrote many of the poems Pocket Words in moments of mania and despair (pretty much always late at night), sometimes mild and sometimes intense. Part of what kept me going was knowing that I could write a pocket poem on a bank slip or scrap of paper while I was on the run, trying to survive from my mind. It was a way of freeing my soul, of freeing myself. It was a way of experiencing the good that my mania and sadness had to offer, even as I struggled and still struggle.

Once again, my great friend Preston has flexed his artistic muscles and shown what he’s capable of. This is an amazing pocket video that I hope you will check out: We did the work. Sure, they are intellectual conceptual poems, but there are rich stories and rich emotions behind the art that goes into the work I did for the book and the work I’ve had the honor to do with Preston.

Yes, nothing is ever really simple. But, there are those beautiful moments in life that make the suffering worth it, and sometimes, you can soar like the firebird: Time, memorial. Remember.




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