A Beautiful Exhaustion: It Takes Humility by Phoenix

Consistently humbled.

Legacy Initiative: Not all heroes wear a cape

I enjoy serving with The Legacy Initiative. I enjoy serving the homeless population of Salt Lake City. I enjoy doing humanitarian work. In all of these things, I am blessed. To take part, to say I can take part, to do good work and to care for others.

In all honesty, the work doesn’t get any easier. It’s taxing, in more ways than one: emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally. But I would say it’s certainly worth the exhaustion that comes with it. As my friend Tracy said, the work itself is fulfilling, and I heartily agree. It makes the tiring aspects worth it.

Tiring in what way, you might be wondering? The biggest thing that weighs heavily upon me is simply the suffering that I see. When you’re walking behind a major street, a major homeless shelter, and see many people camped out, trying to make the best of their situation…

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