Beauty (from Separation: Healing)

This is a poem from my poetry collection Separation: Healing, a collection of experimental poetry. Enjoy.





[sometimes] moments slip by

I can’t touch

the beautiful [object] of desire


I can only

speculate conjecture

think through

and wonder


because it’s too hard

and I can’t touch it [feelings]

I can only misunderstand


but even that

I mistranslate

because I can’t explain it

or understand it


we usually want a complex answer

but beauty will always

be simple


I find the aesthetic

to be aerial

smooth and careful


jagged only upon reflection [truth]

do you dream [or] do you merely



I long for the days

when I was [pure] maybe just [real]

I can’t let go of my soul

I can only




empathize with the beautiful [and true]


but even that is too hard at times

as there is so much

I can’t see


but all of that

[it gives me a] drive to push

forward and [and] keep trying

I don’t give up because

[I’m … beautiful …]

I’m (a) Phoenix


and I dream


and because

I tell you


the truth.


You’re beautiful too.




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