An Excerpt from The Street Kid

One of the best passages I’ve ever composed, from my published book The Street Kid. Find it here:

So. I’m super stoked to share a preview from my up-and-coming autofiction The Street Kid, which I hope to release some time early this summer.

I personally really dig this little part I’m going to share. It was, indeed, a real experience, filtered through my delusion, and filtered through a little bit of fiction, and structural and narrative invention (at one point I completely dispense of punctuation): But the thoughts, for the most part, I really experienced, and the events I also experienced as well.

In the excerpt, you’ll see Phoenix as a twenty-one-year-old in all of his confusion, neuroticism, psychological pain, enthusiasm, and passion; if I understand this part of my life/history correctly, what I see is a very vulnerable kid just a couple years out of teenage-hood, but with an explosive imagination and a free-spirited punk attitude, exemplified by such comments and attitudes as he’s in jail for…

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