Why I Chose Legacy Initiative (Disappointments) by Phoenix

As the staff writer of the non-profit The Legacy Initiative, I’m seeking to expand the scope and breadth of the articles published. Keep a lookout! In the meantime, here is this piece …

Legacy Initiative: Not all heroes wear a cape

Lately, I have been humbled.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Emmanuel Levinas and his contributions to philosophy, particularly existentialism and phenomenology. He says many relevant and fascinating things, one of which is that we must be aware of (our) materiality, which includes the spiritual as well as the physical in his system of thought. It’s the material that places us in the present, for when we suffer, we are forced to confront the present, we are forced to confront the moment, no matter how hard this is.

I have had to do that lately in my life.

I will try to keep a long story short: I was told, among other things, by loved ones, people that I trusted and loved, that my time would have been better spent getting real experiences in a place like the military or Marines, instead of writing all of the books that I…

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