Eudaimonia by Phoenix

Today marks the one-year anniversary of writing for the non-profit The Legacy Initiative. Since then I’ve expanded the scope of the articles published, leading to great advancements, both creative and practical. Celebrate with me by checking out the articles I’ve written and edited. Eudaimonia is a great start.

Legacy Initiative: Not all heroes wear a cape

IMG_0430  Eudaimonia is Aristotle’s ethical term. It is often translated as “human happiness,” but the more technical translation would be “human flourishing.” While Aristotle’s own conception of Eudaimonia comes with its own specific philosophy and historical context, I think it is a useful concept to frame this piece and my recent experiences. I believe that doing the work that I do, of focusing on cultivating specific virtues, such as compassion and kindness for others, via the Legacy Initiative and my efforts to serve those in need, has allowed me to flourish as a human being, and I have seen others flourish as well as a consequence. The point of Eudaimonia is not an emphasis on personal happiness and personal gain at the expense of others, however, and that is the biggest takeaway from my experiences. Human flourishing and the cultivation of virtue is a great representation of the ability of…

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