Reaction (Torque)

This is my poem Reaction. If you like the poem, check out my book Torque and support indie writers. You can find the book on my author page here:


one person angry
on the phone next moment
a type of

font tells you the words were yeah right
meant to just be a only a threat
dynamite label in the mail box without the

stand in the middle
of the street with the jagged
hate letters stitched across your


i can’t find the flow here
dear poet there isn’t

one day the internal beat
bit the because it slithered
down incomplete and

get off the dam phone

it hurt that day
a condemnation and the acid
flowed through in green and condescension

fangs got me

wound the child if they ever
shoved compassion again they

white splinters smearing
blood on the vocal

again get out i’m not going to
tell i’m going

the explosion had been
intentional if you would
had already told you
before that don’t cut me
off when i’m driving me
insane why didn’t you
just attention never
it’s your fault

please stop fighting

the heated argument
just runs together like lava

skin of the kid
with the pierced slitted tongue
and teeth sharpened by
destructive bone
couldn’t handle anymore
scorched and shedding sorrow
ran away

from the funny how
one moment of hatred
anger malice fragments
everything together

like dominoes collapsing


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