Mental Illness and Homelessness by Phoenix

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At my last outreach, a volunteer said in a moment of frustration, “Why don’t the lazy people just get out of bed and work?” He was referring to the homeless, to the mentally ill. He was referring not to his own opinion and prejudiced perspective, but to what people say about the homeless and the mentally ill. Depression is as simple as “getting out of bed” and finding work.

I could go on and on about why this is a major misconception, but I’ll keep it simple. As it stands, we don’t understand the mind, and we don’t have a full grasp of medicine to cure the misfiring biology (and even if we did, how would we distribute it in a broken economy?). I know people who suffer from everything from depression to psychosis, and I live with it myself (mental illness), and it’s difficult. The answer isn’t just to…

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