Fear Monger, Fear Hunger (Poem from Torque)

Here is my poem, Fear Monger, Fear Hunger, from my published collection of poems Torque. If you like what you read, support indie writers and find the book on my author page: Amazon.com/author/phoenix_rises



short cut circuit
wire your mouth closed
tire your heart disjunction

can’t function can only
can only and yet a just
and yet only a merely
no honesty either way
fall to fail flail

tire yourself out to lonely
to stay unknown to stay lost
the world change the deep estrange
or just strange

define the line or simply,
yet not simple only unstuck
crux distrust or perhaps disgust

or maybe will ill
a cutshort a shallow way to play
to shallow or maybe,

swallow. wrong unlaw wrong shortcut
only cut throat only.

but the light stings.
it sings sin it lets go it.

never alone never alone techno-logically
artificial super-
ficial—so, so fictional.

rage chaotic
shortcut hectic
danger anger yet flippant
starve feel pang feel sharp
danger blade fear feel hunger
stomach sharp and so.

the fear monger.


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