An Excerpt from Equivalence (Counterarguments to Knowledge)

I’m posting an excerpt from my new book Equivalence, a tract on metaphysics. If you like what you read, you can find the book on my author page:


Truth waxes and wanes, like clarity.


Our understanding of truth waxes and wanes: like clarity.


Consciousness remains asleep in the light.


Time and space are internal.


Existence predefines fantasy; fantasy and reality are interchangeable.


Even though the body seemingly imprisons the soul, it guides the soul; the relationship is mutual: for it is the body that allows the incorporeal soul to feel, by way of sensation. The body is a vulnerable child who can see, guiding by the hand a blind and wise elderly woman down the path to infinity.


You cannot bend reality if you conceive of consciousness as a concept; the act of conceiving consciousness defeats the point of consciousness being intangible.


Creativity comes from an eternal wellspring; this is merely a metaphor for the logical.

Sensation, while not time, is synonymous with time.


To understand yourself is to fulfill the destiny of all existence; since all souls are schizophrenic in nature, this is one of life’s biggest challenges.


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