11 Philosophy Books to Expand Your Mind

My list of mind expanding philosophy books, edited by Daulton Dickey, is now live. Check it out.

Lost in the Funhouse


philosophy-2603284_960_720Any account of philosophical history and the important works produced is bound to be not only non-definitive and incomplete, but also unsatisfying. This is because philosophy is a very rich and dynamic venue, for some of the most interesting ideas ever posited by man. I nonetheless sought to construct a list of important works of philosophy, with the hope of discussing some very radical, mind-opening texts. In the list I limit myself to only going back a couple centuries, to narrow the search and discussion.

What is philosophy? People have asked this question since Socrates, and there have been many books seeking to explain what philosophy is. Philosophy for me personally, is the quest for knowledge, as well as the love of wisdom and the search for truth. Philosophy is often seen as being elitist, suited only for intellectual elites, but in my experience, this is not…

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