Renaissance Rebel: An Interview with Phoenix

My interview went live with Justin Burnett. Stoked! Be sure to check it out.

Silent Motorist Media

My next interview in this series is with Phoenix, an author of one NihilismRevised’s many 2018 publications, Separation: Healing. Phoenix is unique to the NihilismRevised family, however, in that he already has a total of fifty (that’s right; that’s a five and a zero) book publications under his belt. You can find Phoenix’s current available oeuvre on his Amazon Page. While Separation: Healing is a poetry book, Phoenix also writes philosophy and prose fiction. I think you’ll get a clear sense of this Renaissance man’s diversity over the course of our conversation. Be sure and follow his blog and check out his YouTube channel. Enjoy!

It’s important to have writers that talk about the hard things. Without art, the systems we are in cannot be challenged. So, in a way, it’s political. But it’s also very personal, in that I need the space to be able to…

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