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the world dictated its own story I couldn’t see it—

reality a dead (his)tory how anyone lives at all seems to baffle paranoia-


a, like a different shade of narrative;

I forget often how easily the path I take goes how superficial and so reality is a paranoid sleep deep deep paranoid death


-a – is not an easy pattern to categorize (-d)

(sometimes it will suck then)

and sometimes language itself collapses into a-n infinite space

I thought that I imagined something else but it wasn’t so easily what I imagined paranoid-d-d paranoi


I forgot that my pattern


was trashed— by my thoughts the things I can’t change the words I forget to speak in such senses )it’ll just be the suffering of hard days 

(and hard nights it’s an empty road

but it’s usually a- the same -d thing (-d) like an unstructured pattern screaming PARANOIAA METAL and the truly dangerous reality of the unheard note where I forgot most of it anyway I don’t know why I did the same



paranoia)s structuredpatternchaotic



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